Insurance Automation

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Increase revenues and client loyalty by streamlining processes, rising partner management and providing unjust intelligence at front-ends on one Cloud CRM platform.
IT software for Insurance is evolving too. Your clients expect instant access to their policies and customer service, on the go and across all devices. every moment of their expertise must seamlessly collect their knowledge and necessities, coupled across mobile, web, phone, or face to face once visiting their broker.

Protect yourself from risk. guarantee your IT software package delivers seamless performance and certainty in outcomes, providing quality client expertise. SQS will facilitate.
SQS has intensive expertise with massive insurance firms, including deep technical quality assurance data. With a world delivery network of resources out there to you, we have a tendency to make sure you interact with a team of consultants dedicated to achieving your goals.

We not solely have the experience to boost software package quality through our testing delivery services, however we have a tendency to conjointly establish processes and practices that offer property quality throughout the lifecycle of your insurance systems.

Enhance intermediary & agent management

Segment your partners into numerous price bands
Run a relationship management program to confirm larger mindshare
Build complete 360° read of intermediaries and agents.
Build loyalty by aiding them in sales
Service customers and intermediaries across channels on one platform.
Implement multi-department workflows to make sure timely resolution.
Build escalations and alerts to make sure timely action.

Execute high impact campaigns

Facilitate execution of joint selling campaigns & events with intermediaries.
Use referral management to produce generate quality low value leads
Assign results in key partners mistreatment automatic workflows.
Provide insights into selling ROI and performance.
Reduce cycle time to launch new merchandise with Digital CRM.
Assess family portfolio for risks and wishes to spot current worth and potential.
Monetize service satisfaction goodwill mistreatment Service-to-Sales method.

Empower workforce, bring operational efficiency

Ensure answerableness by deploying preventive alerts and escalations.
Make out there key info, analysis and action things to help users
Deploy best practices like action taken reports, necessary date reminders like policy renewals, etc.
Upgrade men & partner ability set exploitation targeted self-paced coaching programs.
Boost results by measuring and improving critical performance indicators.
Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.

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