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""A company's culture is the foundation of future innovation" - Brian Chesky

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Founded in 2009, Pearl Technosolutions is a privately held global Web Design & Development, Consulting and Business Process Automation company in Jaipur (headquarter). Pearl Technosolutions is a highly process driven organization with extensive experience of working with great companies from various industries. The young and vibrant team of Pearl Technosolutions consists of highly skilled managers, analysts, designers, developers and QA personnel, working together to deliver world class quality products and solutions. Our unerring commitment to quality and continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest technologies enables us to consistently deliver customer delight.

Pearl Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. focuses on working in tandem with all its clients to define the implementation functionally required to meet their needs. Our knowledge on industry specific domains and its corresponding processes enable us to provide high levels of customized service delivery models every time.

A technology must be fast enough to keep up with this ever-growing Digital needs.

A technology must be so easy to understand, that it could be managed by a rookie.

A technology must have a good User Interface & Experience, to be accessed by everyone.

A technology must be so understandable, that every day-to-day working can rely on it

A technology must be secure enough, to build everyone’s trust on it.

Our Knowledge Power

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    [skill percent="80" title="ASP .Net/SQL Server" bar_foreground="#F2784B" bar_background="#eee"]
    [skill percent="70" title="Php/Mysql" bar_foreground="#6BB9F0" bar_background="#eee"]
 [skill percent="90" title="Photoshop/CorelDraw" bar_foreground="#EB9532" bar_background="#eee"]
 [skill percent="80" title="SEO/SMM" bar_foreground="#E26A6A" bar_background="#eee"]



Our main belief is that management should be left to conduct business in an efficient manner. Their brains should be used for increasing the business of their entity while rest of the tasks should be conducted in an automated manner so that error free working can be achieved with minimum efforts. Thus, our vision is -:

  • To provide a complete Business Solution with least human interference.

  • To provide an Automated working atmosphere to monitor & track each task on a daily basis.

  • To use IT to generate minute report of day-to-day business (popularly known as Data Warehousing).

  • To manage accounts in the easiest way with customization and software implementation.

  • To educate people regarding developments taking place in IT industries.

  • To provide branding solutions with the help of IT to create the market presence of our client.


  • We are a complete one-stop platform for all IT related solutions available in the market.

  • We are on a path to develop ourselves to be the best IT industry which understands their client’s requirements from the core of their heart.

  • We are in the process of to develop the best customization tools for accounting, inventory management, and cost management functions.