What is Domain Name Registration?

Domain Name Registration or DNR, is registering a specific name on internet. That means that after that nobody can claim that name and you will have the authority over it for a specific period of time. This name could be anything. Either a company’s name, product name, related to service service provided by you or even your own name.

Why we are best for DNR?

DNR is a creative process and we always come up with something unique and meaningful. There are more than 50 start-ups that have registered their domains with us and growing by day.

When We suggest DNR?

We suggest DNR to all those clients who wants to design a website in foreseeable future and to those who already have a website but to register a domain related to their product or service, so that it would redirect on their website.

Benefits of DNR

A unique and meaningful Domain Name can help in attracting clients and increase traffic on their website. Registering Domain Names related to one’s product or service can also help in increasing their traffic on website.

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